Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Can't Let Go!

They won't let me go!
Its just how my luck is though- I'm the girl at the party watching the guy she likes dance with a skinny chick in a black dress (...nothing against skinny chicks, just skinny sluts- MEOOOOW!). He's all into it. I'm watching and getting hit on by a guy I have ZERO INTEREST in. OHHHH! Sounds like a true story...because it is!
That is just my effin' luck!
.....the point to all this is that this assignment I now call: HELL!,! They keep extending me and I would be a fool to turn them down because they are paying a lot of money to be unhappy...and I need to get my hur (hair) did.


The place is not a total waste. I was called a 'Black Tina Fey' which is fitting because I am within the 30 Rock compound. I hear the theme music in my head all the time and sarcasm is my dialect on the regs while at Hell.
I met Giada DiLaurentis of FOOD Network fame. She has that 'Everyday Italian' show. My friend JD said he doesn't trust her cookin' because she is too thin. After seeing her, I have to agree. That woman is PETITE. Tiny. Like she eats NO pasta. Would NEVER eat her lasagna. Not saying my cooks have to be obese, they just have to look like they've eaten a full meal...and not have thrown it up afterwards.
Being here has also helped me to realize that nerds will get up MAD early in the morning to NERD OUT! One of the peeps from that show 'Heroes' was around signing stuff. If it was Milo Ventimiglia AKA Jesse from Gilmore Girls, then I would've grabbed a Starbucks and a pen....for him to sign my ass with.
It wasn't Milo and I don't watch the show...soo it was Starbucks and Hell for me!

Hell for another week. Another week! I have to keep thinking of getting my hur did and this jacket I want to get...oh yeah and the money imma save...and the shoes imma buy. *le sigh*


  1. it was the Asian dude...the Japanese one...

  2. There are two... the one with the round head (Hiro!!), or the other one?

  3. it's cool... if i saw him i'd be excited, but i wouldn't go up to him or anything. celebrities aren't *that* cool. i'd rather see you!

  4. yeah, celebs are wack!
    wanna see you too mama:( day trip to the bean!!