Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Place Where I Work: The Reasons.

Perhaps my luck is the way it is because of thoughts like this:
while on bus I notice the bus driver is chewing on his nails, yet I noticed before that he was missing like HALF his teeth. This amused me.
Could this be the reason why my luck seems to bite me in the ass??
Or could it be me maintaining my Black Tina Fey status at Hell?
I was asked why I was dressed all snazzy. Hmmm, I was wearing all black...and a skirt...and a banging blue scarf for extra boob coverage since the Gaggle of Douche's (they used to be Gang of Dudes) can't keep their eyes off my boobs!
My response to one of the Gaggle of Douche's was: I have a hot date with your dad.
Silence, then slow understanding read across his face. Finally, he laughs and says, "You're funny!"
Later someone asks why all the black and I say its because I am mourning the death of my soul because I am working HERE!
More silence, then slow chuckles. *sigh*
Maybe I need to be more upbeat and think about the money I make-but its hard because though money helps, I am not driven by it. I'm driven by the love. The wanting to get up and enjoying what I do...or marrying a rich douche bad. Hmmm.

Thank hay-sus for Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" and Lauryn Hill's "Lost Ones" for helping me with my breakup.
What dude in their right mind would NOT want to be with me?? The one who doesn't even know we're in a relationship. Ha!!
Yeah, another crush that has gone into a relationship in my head- in reality the guy has NO IDEA I like him. Just how I like it....I guess...
Then I get all miffed when he shows interest in other women...and we break up.
It's just how I roll, yo. Alone, slightly insane....sad maybe. Awwwww.

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