Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Harry!!!!

No matter how much you don't want it to come...Monday always comes.
There it is. All full with doom n' gloom. All knowing that its going to suck and make you hate it all the time!!!
Then as I am about to enter 30 Rock, I hear crooning. Some sexy sax. Then I hear his voice and I whisper, "Harry?"
As in Harry Connick Jr. who was performing on the Today show. That's when I realize that after I have my coffee, this Monday would be OKAY.
Yeah, I'm not afraid to admit that I *heart* me some Harry Connick Jr.. Love his acting. Love his music. Love that he seems like a down-to-Earth dude. All love. Since I am slightly greedy by nature, I thought it would be cool if I ran into him as I entered the first gateway to Hell, i.e. the lobby of the office building where I work.
I smile and sip my iced hazelnut coffee as I ride the narrow escalator up, up- then I hear the New Orleans drawl. Again I whisper, "Harry??"
Once in the lobby WHO DO I CROSS PATHS WITH AND MEET???? HARRY CONNICK JR.. YES! He was suited up, tall, built and HANDSOME. Harry was everything I imagined. Sweet. Charming. Focused on his family- his daughter was there. That's a good dude and he made my WEEK!!
I then went on to Hell wishing that Harry had a chance to hear my melodic voice and hired me as a back-up singer. We would eat crayfish n' drink beer, and Harry would tell me stories- and I would learn n' grow, and he would continue being wonderful. He would also teach me how to play the piano. *sigh*

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