Friday, September 11, 2009

The Place Where I Work: For now....

All good things must come to an end. Sad, but a consistent part of life.
This is how I felt as I left the soccer place the other day. Rarely do I work in a place where there are so many HOT men. Hot men help the day go by...and almost make me feel uneasy about actually getting PAID to flirt-I mean, do whatever it is I do.
Next week I start a long term assignment in a very corporate, polished environment. This means a lot of money, but slowly kills your soul. Oh well, I am working near...or in...or around Rockefeller Center (a lady never tells). This means most of my time will be spent looking to lunch with Lorne Michaels or some other TV big-wig so that I can get this SHOW-the show of my life-on TV. Perhaps hook-up my other peeps...or just become bff's with Tina Fey. Most likely I'll run into Dr. OZ and he'll inquire about my colon health. Then I'll do my smashing Oprah impersonation (tiny marbles!!!) and he'll want me to be his sidekick on his show.
Ah, the life.

Must put away my professional sexy work gear...and throw on some slack's n' twinsets. Please don't let me run into any of my 'soccer boys' in the streets! Dracul will fly into a rage if he sees my shine dimmed.
I didn't think about this till now, but that grey coffin-like thing that The Matador moved could've been Dracul's resting place. I mean, it was by my desk...and The Matador seems like the perfect day-time servant. Hmmm.
Anywho, like clockwork, Dracul...rose. He was pleasant and asked if I was joining everyone at the soccer game after work. I let him know that I didn't work here (there...anywhere) and therefore I don't get to go to games.
He did the throaty chuckle and eyed my Future Ex as he said goodnight/goodbye to me. I think Future Ex's voice cracked and he pretty much ran to the elevator. I guess if Dracul isn't trying to seduce you...he can be scary. The Matador came to let him know they were ready to go, Dracul said he was sad that I couldn't go-I told him he'd get over it. He almost kissed my hand, but just bowed. Then he and The Matador left.
I plan to write a vampire story about this dude. Insanity.
As I shut down my computer Justin Fingerbang came by to see about an Argentina game...or Italian game...something. He starts laughing. I look at him and he nods over to Vespa-he would be the Colombian dude I thought was Italian at first-who is peering me through frosted glass doors (sound familiar). I shake my head and grab my purse. Justin Fingerbang mentions my popularity, I say only in offices-in real life that dude wouldn't LOOK at me. He laughs some more and says he doubts it. I tell JF that he is a cool guy and then I leave...after taking one last look at his hotness. Like taking the last sip of French hot cocoa, it made me wistful.

Anyways, I have a few days to luxuriate before I start the corporate stretch. Today, I was supposed to be out and about, but rainy days are best to sleep in and I've been all caught up remembering what went down 8 years ago today.
Will enjoy these in between days and focus on my writing self-the one close to the heart before I become the self that has bills to pay. The one that shall hopefully find more man meat- mens to pass the day...

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