Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Reason...

I sometimes wonder why I even like this.

So, a few months ago I was seeing this dude. Immediately I knew it wouldn't go further than some Vietnamese and some make out. I was very cool with our mutual non-communication that took place following our momentous time together-not!!! Once (in my distant past), I would've needed closure and whatnot, now I am all like NEXT...which means I spend a lot of time alone thinking about who I am not dating and why I don't have the flexibility of a jungle cat.
This passed weekend, MANY months after mutual non contact. I kinda- no I actually forgot about the dude. Also have a habit of just editing peeps number out of my phone- because I feel I'll be getting so many MORE numbers! HAHAHAHAHHA! At least I've got a sense of humor-
The dude friggin' texts me! He types up a long poetic text about timing and how great I am...blah blah...and I am all like-WHO THE HELL IS THIS?
I pretty much type that hoping its not a chick.
He texts me back his name and such- and I remember. Wow. Okay.
THEN....THEN...he asks me out via text.
Like even though I HAVE NOTHING going on guy-wise, EFF THAT DUDE! Like seriously. Months later I am supposed to be like-OH SHIT, thank goodness you contacted me-YES you complete me. Let's go to the movies.
Fuck that.
That dude can choke on a 2 testes and twist.

My instant rage and lack of forgiveness could be more reasons why I am single. Add them to the list.

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