Monday, November 2, 2009

The Place Where I Work: The Look

For some reason I could not sleep last night. This made getting up and ready for work...great. Mostly I was a zombie with headphones, and though I knew where I was going-to the best assignment ever. The place involving hot dudes and soccer, I got turned around and slightly lost because I was sooooo zombie-like. Even had a hard time ordering my coffee at Starbucks, but luckily I made it through...and after a few gulps...I knew I would be alright.
Then I remembered the hot Japanese dude on the train who was watching me as I slept-I know this because when I woke up he was still looking. There was also this other HOT dude I am going to go out on a limb and say he's a jerk...simply because he had on a well-tailored suit and had a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. Which I still find hot for some reason, but it was 8AM and something about that just reads:sleazy. Still sexy though. These pleasant memories of hotness carried me through most of the morning since most of the resident hot dudes were running late due to running the NYC marathon yesterday.
All these athletic peeps....except for the chick I call Lumpy, who ran the marathon-good on her- but then walked like she had been gang banged by a group of dudes fresh out of Sing Sing. I thought to myself: this is why I don't run marathons.
Even if I wouldn't mind getting trained by most of these dudes...and by 'trained' I mean banged out repeatedly.
Speaking of 'banged out'...let's talk about The Matador. Our relationship has been a roller coaster. He started out hating me. Then he loved me. Now he wants to show me HOW MUCH he loves me. Remember I am the girl who NEVER knows when a dude wants to he says so or demonstrates. So picture me getting THE LOOK from The Matador. That man made me shiver. I contemplated some strong sexual harassment techniques, but decided against it. Would ride it out-THEN he asks me if I am leaving soon....I stare him a few moments before I PLAY IN MY HAIR and say ohhh yeah. Not in a friendly coworker way, it was in a 'I am thinking about you nekked' way. He gave me THE LOOK again, and I realized I had to check myself, before I wrecked myself indeed.
Thank goodness for Justin Fingerbang and his disdain for my non-athleticism. Since I am loved by everyone, I was given a shitload of candy. Since I am nervous because I am contemplating with The Matador in the closet, I am downing mini Snickers bars. JF does NOT approve.
May need to sic my ole friend Dracul on him. Dracul must have that ancient ring that allows vamps to walk in the daylight because he and I rode the elevator down together when I was on my way to lunch. He was very happy to see me and commented on how he hadn't turned his watch back and proceeded to do so without his eyes leaving my face. Damn you Dracul.
What if Dracul found out about The Matador's AKA his daytime helper's, intentions towards me???? Have to keep the secret from coming out...yet get Dracul to put JF in a trance where he eats only corn dogs and that 7 pattie Whopper that's out in Japan.

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