Saturday, November 14, 2009

A-HA Moments

The moments where everything comes clear. On the spot clarity...almost epiphany-like, a time where personal truths are revealed for me to laugh at and ponder.

- getting called out by m'boy E for writing my ode to Thanksgiving (Gobble, Gobble Gobble...Bitches) on Veterans Day. Like I don't respect the men and women who fought for this country, and either died or came back and are/were treated worse than criminals. Come on now! I am just so excited about TDay. It cannot be contained.

- we've been talking about it, planning, strategizing...and now I can truly comprehend that m'girl Double Deuce is moving from Boston to Brooklyn!! DD will be an amazing addition to the city-you'll thank me later.:)

- as I walked into a company I was interviewing with-I literally smelled money. The place smelled like endless office supplies, free lunch and lacked that air of desperation...and 'money's tight bitches'. Free bottled water is a sure sign too. Another good sign is I got the job. Holy holiday party, Batman.

- I think Turkish bread is my favorite. So warm n' soft. Mmmmmm

- had a long conversation about how amazing it is to be the rare native New Yorker with this dude who's a fellow native. Just about how on point we are...and clever. Genuinely, better people. :)

- while on the train minding my own business, reading a book even-this guy gets on. He is all unassuming and White. After 10mins he looks around himself- am seeing this with my peripheral (you know, the whole Brooklyn eyes thing)- and says quite profoundly, "I love Black women." I look around, and yes, it seems besides myself there are like 4 other Black women surrounding him. All various shades and ages. A few begin chuckling, I am still eyeing him- he then looks at me and says, "Sorry, I don't know what you are...but I am throwing you in with the bunch." I angrily squint my eyes at him-still not speaking because I am gauging how crazy this dude is. One of the beautiful loved Black women then says, "Well, she looks Latina and they're close to us anyways...."
Yes, this really happened. Too bad I had to get off the next stop so I couldn't continue to listen to the debate on my race and whether this White guy could love me. He did look at me and sigh as I exited the train. I said, "I am Black y'all." The women all laughed. He almost looked like he wanted to get off the train too-thankfully that didn't happen.
This almost escapes the confines of an A-Ha Moment...its more like a Magical Moment.


  1. don't think slippin' a "DD" in got past me. always tryin' to make it about the rack!

    i can't wait to come appreciate your born-and-raised-black-ass up close and personal. ha.

  2. hahahahahha CHYEAH!!! my ass, your double d's= match made in heaven! :)