Monday, November 16, 2009

The Place Where I Work: All Good in the Hood

At some point during this past weekend I was over at a friends house and we were looking at a pic of another friend of mine...who happened to male-okay, maybe we were Facebook stalking- and my friend says, "Woah his eyes are intense" and I say, "Yeah, they look like he would be looking you dead in the eye while fuckin' you."
Again I was applauded for my ability to and then I thought about today, the first day of a new job where you get fucked all bashful like- then again, maybe I just wanted to share that story.
All in all, we know how I feel about the beginnings of things. Everything is wonderful. People think you're swell and don't show the monster beneath till YOU'RE IN IT...or like a month or so. I equate it to new relationships. Good times.

Of course I have already formulated opinions and feel I will be okay here, but I'll let you know by the end of this week. For right now, I must concentrate on being here at 7:30AM. Me. Its for training purposes and I am getting paid, Seven-thirty AM! That's the morning. Like if I had to be at an airport or something I'd be fine...but um, to come to Midtown-that is ALL I'll disclose (mooohahahah)- doesn't seem feasible. It seems more like I'll be leaving my house before the sun comes up and be a possible SVU victim (Law & favorite one, not just cause of Ice-T, but the ensemble). I know myself well enough to know, by Friday...someone is getting shanked. Could be a friend. Person on the train. Possible lover...but someones skin is getting penetrated by something sharp and I will be holding the instrument and smiling wildly.
Speaking of splitting skin. I came up with this gem today when discussing the hotness of dudes so far (which will take me awhile to attain since the company is LARGE) and I replied with: have seen no one worth splitting lips over.
As in dropping know HAVING kids??!!
Yeah. I am a class act.

Oh, I cheated. Totally cheated. I worked somewhere on Friday and didn't blog...because I kinda wanted to blow the place up, but then didn't care because I got this job offer and was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day. The place did have Twizzlers AND a pervy stalker for me!
I'll call him Vince Vaughn...because he looked like Vince Vaughn. He was enamored from 9AM till 5:35PM...and I was just like Vince, back the eff up and carry these boxes for me. He did prove himself useful, but sadly didn't realize that I only like dudes that don't like me back...DUH, Vince Vaughn.
Plus, the whole pervy stalker thing, which sounds good on paper, but in the end, is not so cool.
Wish me luck on getting here at SEVEN.THIRTY.AM

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