Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Wait, This Was Supposed To Be About Work, Right?

Remember how I said that me leaving my house before the sun came up would land me in an Law & Order:SVU episode?
Well that almost happened.
They were filming (Law&Order:SVU) right in between my 2 office buildings. Yeah, two buildings. - wait, I must interrupt this to mention how I am watching Single In The City: South Beach...actually it doesn't matter the city-THESE WOMEN SUCK!
The dudes do too. Are people really this lame?? If this is what is going on out there- I am good. GOOD!.....there is a woman on here, a cougar if you will, who is dating a dude the same age as her daughter. Her daughter who works at Hooters and tells her mom that the dude is soooo hot (AKA eff you moms for picking from my pool and I am going to bone him while you're gettin' 'toxed or hormone treatments!). The guy looks like its a miracle he didn't get the whole bottle of gel in his eyes- meaning he looks dumb. After dinner at Hooters, the mom goes home to try on the wedding dress she already owns!!!!! She dances around in it and knows she will wear it one day soon. Not only is the dress ugly, her situation is ugly.
I happened upon the show and wanted to have it as background noise-okay, okay I enjoy watching and hating. It also makes me feel better about myself- Ha! I really am a simple beast.- UM WOAH, this one chick thinks she's a singer and songwriter. I'd rather be teabagged in both my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay I am turning.

Back to work. So far, so good. The usual in corporate...people thinkin' that I should really care about the drama. Really? Am only a few days in, people. Not that I ever agreed to care, and I don't. This is a paycheck with awesome benefits...and perks. When I am there, I do my job...I smirk to keep from saying inappropriate things to this one dude (mmmm), and when I leave...I uh, leave. If there is drama, I still won't care because there are bigger things going on in this world. BIG TINGS (and I meant tings). Like, how do I wear a purple Lycra catsuit without shaming myself and my family??
I do enjoy having a stable gig, that I don't mind and like the people...maybe because I am ALREADY friends with one of the people I work with. More on that in coming blogs.
Its a job I can do and still concentrate on goals. Goals that can be financed by me...not some douche.
Um, and I already have a Starbucks because it is in my building. Like in the lobby, so I don't have far to go to get a fix-haven't charmed anyone yet because its been TOO EARLY and I am just happy to be there, yo.

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