Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Like Ass-less Chaps

My hands smell like meat. - PAUSE!
Hamburger meat. This could be because I INHALED a bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions and lettuce- because I am health conscience. I then made B buy me a fudge brownie milkshake along with one for herself- okay I shouldn't say MADE, more like asked nicely and she obliged. I got her next week, and most likely it will be a stiff cocktail. Holla!
Speaking of stiff cocktails- I have this habit of digging myself into awkward holes. You see, at lunch B and I were discussing my infatuation with Drake. It really is just something to help the day go by, and I feel all safe because he has NO INTEREST me and looks at me like I stink.
Anywho, so B says give it time...and he'll be stalking me...and I'll hate him. *sigh* Young love. B also added that he doesn't talk much- which made me say that still waters run deep...and that most likely he's THAT dude that you think is all quiet...and then the bedroom door clicks behind him and I am left wearing assless chaps cuz anything else hurts.
I say these things...and then I have to come back to work and see Drake. Drake who already hates me, who is now getting skeeved out by my crazy stare as I try not to laugh...thinking about him putting me in assless chaps.

Another problem that is arising, is how cool B and I are. Separately we're pretty fantastic, but together its like.woah! Several people have come to me and said they want to have drinks with us because we seem like a blast outside of work. If they ONLY KNEW, but seriously-fall back. Its wayyyy too early to show them the true extent of our coolness...don't want bitches to fall in love...
OH speaking of LOVE. I don't know HOW I do it, but it gets done. One of my Starbucks barista's (a dude, whew) admitted that he thinks he loves me and will be the only one serving me (HA!) till he figures out how to make me love him.
I stared open mouthed as he proceeded to make my drink. Sometimes the things that happen in my life are pretty sweet...and I am guaranteed some free gingerbread loaf EVERYDAY which goes against my chinchilla bikini diet. Me+diet= NEVER, but I have dreams of it being really cold and I have on wedge heeled furry boots and a chinchilla bikini. I think my bod is fine, but could stand a lil toning. Will keep you updated on my progress.

Overall the workday has been quiet due to it being Thanksgiving tomorrow (EXCITING). Because I am one of the new peeps I don't have the option of leaving too early, which means I can write and reflect. Reflect and write.
...hopefully I won't just sit here and think up ways to spend my first paycheck!

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