Monday, November 23, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Case of the Monday's...

Mondays, MTA, sick passenger, 1 hour on train.
That is how the day began. Needless to say I was in no mood. One of my Starbucks peeps even mentioned my grumpiness, and I apologized, and said blame the MTA. She then added whipped cream to my drink- and I don't think it required it, but everything tastes better with whipped cream.
The rest of the day seemed to coast, but I am not sure if I feel all bleah because I spent most of my weekend in some kind of inebriated state or if its just a case of the Mondays. Hmmm.
Am also feeling a certain way about a dream I had where I was having brunch with friends...and my boo...and we had a BABY! Me and the person who was my boo in the dream are not even close to conceiving a thought much less a child- though the fun we would have making it...if only this person thought of me half as much.
Anywho, the kid was cute, which helps....but am still freaked out. This could all be tequila induced though, so who knows.

Nothing too exciting with the work day except I don't think Drake hates me, I just think he is sizing me up. Trying to decide where I stand: cool, annoying, bearable, doable. Hopefully, I fall under cool and doable ( am a Gemini and we thrive on duality).
Forgot to mention how interesting my ID pic is. I've mentioned before how me and ID pics never work out. This time I had a plan. I wore a great color close to my face-a magenta top- and I practiced my 'good angle' a la Mariah Carey steez. Of course none of this worked. I look semi-retarded/yet professional in my ID pic and the company has an online directory. If you were able to look me up, you would ask yourself: is she full Japanese or Korean...because I look 100% Asian. I also look pink in the face- and you know how most Asians turn red after one drink. That's how I look. Amazing.

Perhaps Drake has looked me up and deemed me a freak...a freak he wants to plow, but has no idea WHY??!!
That's what its like for most guys and me. They want it, yet don't know why.

The highlight of the day has to be CHRISTMAS WORLD aka the lobby of my building. Some people have tree's and a few menorah's. This company has TREE's (like 10), snow, toy solders, Jews dressed as dreidels, African-Americans explaining Kwanzaa, gift boxes-like 100, dancing dolls, and literally a Christmas house. I stare at it every time I go by it- which was this morning and during lunch. I stare in wonder...and also to see if I notice something new.
It is a feast for the eyes and better be a peek to how fab the holiday party is going to be.


  1. crap! this reminds me that i have to have my id picture taken on monday! i should pay a hairdresser to give me a good blow-out. heh. blow-out.

  2. you'll be fine! unlike me, you're a hot person and it comes across in photo's. with me it can be iffy. am better candid than not, when I try I look mad retarded yo....
    ...but a blow-out is always good!:P