Friday, November 27, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Hours Become Minutes Become Seconds

I knew today was going to be slow. Made worse only by my fatigue. Fatigue from eating and resting all day yesterday.
Slept soundly on the train and openly yawned while online at Starbucks. Mi Amour AKA the Starbucks barista who loves me was there. He says he is giving me space today because he can sense my need for it. Wow. Is this my soul mate or what?
When I entered the office and saw House of Pain's head on her desk. I knew today might be an AMAZING day. Even though it would be quiet and I would contemplate why I am out of bed- then I would remember money and Drake. Good ole Drake...
Anyways, HOP then informs me that she is still drunk from last night. This made me very excited and slightly envious because being drunk at work is pretty spectacular-as long as it doesn't happen often and as long as you don't pass out...or make out with plants.
To keep her head off the desk-because it was quiet- she and I sang Lady Gaga's Poker Face and proceeded to do hand n' shoulder choreographies. It was pretty fantastic.

Suddenly it got a little busy- I am a conference room coordinator, which means I book conference rooms. Smile. Greet. Talk like I know whats up and care. I accommodate. I am poised. I write most of the day and entertain myself with meaningless flirtations and dancing with House of Pain.
Pretty sweet gig.
After working for the combined time of 1 hour, I spend the rest of my time writing, emailing and trying to make Drake fall in love with me-
BEFORE I get to Drake, let me explain why you should never give yourself ultimatums.
Recently I was telling a friend how I am really try to get over my crush. Then when I feel I am all good, I have a dream about him. I say to my friend: that's it! if I have ANOTHER dream about that dude I am telling him 'hey, I know you could give a yule log (holidays yall) about me, but imma be here liking you till ya do'. very John Hughes of me.
Then of course THAT NIGHT I have another dream about the dude. I wake up thinking it was real-then becoming angry when I realized it was all a dream. Being an avid talker of shit, I am not saying JACK to dude, and am hoping the situation will remedy itself.
Wish me luck.

Back to Drake. I figured a quiet day like today, I could use my charms for good. I see Drake and barely say 2 sentences before he glares at me and mumbles something. He ALMOST smiles-could've been a snarl.
Am getting nowhere fast with this dude. Its not that I want someone to bone in an utility closet- because I wouldn't really do that...I'd think it though, its just that I think we'd be great buddies. He has to realize SOON how cool I am or I am going to lose my patience and start calling him Drake to his face. That'll give him more reason to hate me...and so our affair begins.

Another reason why I may pull an HOP and be asleep at my desk is that I am wearing comfortable professional clothing- extra room from Turkey Day pouch- and when I am comfy and thoughts of leftovers dance in my head...can pretty much sleep REAL easy.

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