Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Like Groundhog Day, but not...

It felt like the movie 'Groundhog Day' today. My day seemed to go the same as yesterday:

- wake up after sleeping for about 3 good hours
-get dressed, clothes are miraculously ironed and match
-somehow make it on train
- am in zombie-like state
- get lost in train station (I should be flogged with 100 hot dogs and rats should chew off my fingernails for being a native New Yorker)
- trip...falling into passerby
- stumble into Starbucks
- realize that I cannot order coffee by grunting, and concentrate on forming sentences
- feel better after drinking coffee, but want to sleep under desk immediately...can't

...the only difference was I voted today, which is always an experience in Sheepshead Bay. Let's just say my district...zone...whatnot is not filled with people of color. So going to vote is like being the first Black person who walked into the diner that just took down (because they kinda HAD to) their 'Whites only' sign. Hush of crowd. Whispering. No dogs or water hoses-which is nice.

The Matador's looks of lust were another consistent thing, the difference was my lack of interest. He is still hot...and if this were another day-like tomorrow- I would be all excited and do my usual imagined situations...involving him, me and some sofrito.
Today I didn't have the capacity to have deep thoughts and sweet, sweet fantasy. Luckily I was able to discuss my deep thoughts with a friend, and put everything in perspective. Then I was able to focus on keeping my eyes open and form sentences. No extra energy for humor or flirtation, just enough to not growl at people.

The win of the day was when I popped something in my mouth-pause- just as The Matador walks by my desk (which seemed to be his route all day). He looks at me, smirks...and then looks down at his crotch.
Can't make this stuff up-and I didn't throw up in my mouth because I was impressed by his non-blatant/blatant sexual harassment. It was pure genius because it was almost like I was sexually harassing him!!!
Would bow down to him...but...uh...yeah...


  1. god i wish i could see pictures of these people.

    also - segregationist/frightened white people is what sheepshead bay is about, huh? i didn't know.

  2. I keep the pics in my mind.:P

    well not ALL of the Bay is like that, I mean its getting more diverse-surprisingly. there are just people who yearn for the old days when peeps with perma-tans just came here to clean. then LEAVE, not live.

  3. funny, when you said perma tan i thought of the fat white dudes who sit on the stone wall at the beach in southie. apparently every day their whole lives, 'cause they have scary leather skin. *shudder* (and not in a good way