Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Mews and Bear Humps

Sometimes my charms are lost on others, and sometimes they aren't. Thankfully, when I was caught making cat sounds- I haven't totally gone loca, was making low cat sounds to emphasize the hotness of this dude that walked by. My coworker found it funny, as did I. Then I realized the dude heard me.
Yep. He comes back and is like: is there a cat around?
Me: yep, we are letting one loose a couple of days because of the mice- (which almost seems feasible because the company just unleashed 2 new floors...and moves sometimes bring rodents.)
The hot guy: why not just get an exterminator?
Me: its greener this way.
We stare at each other. I think there was a mental understanding that I was full of shit, but mad clever and he was okay with that.
He leaves for real...and I laugh n' laugh.

Took another gander at 'Christmas World' again. It is truly fantastic. There are bears cooking. Penguins twirling and polar bears humping. Nothing says Christmas magic like some yuletide CHEER AKA bonin'. Especially when its done by two polar bears wearing wintry hats with poms-poms and scarves.

Oh and the day gets better....CloseUp and I are in a pseudo war. I let her know I am willing to knife-fight her for Drake's affections. She is down-you know drama is her thing. CloseUp is okay with me though because during conversations about our skin regimen, I disclosed my sensitive yet good skin genes and she spoke of her Puerto Rican pores (she is half). I am a sucker for good word play, so she is cool with me...unless she doesn't back-off m'boo Drake...who still on looks at me with disdain.
Oh well.
Countdown to TURKEY ANNIHILATION '09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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