Thursday, August 13, 2009


Originally posted in February 2008:

Quite Possibly THE Best Conversation EVER!!

BECCA: The thing about Gabriel Byrne -(insert pic of him, he's the dude in the NEW HBO show 'Intervention' and he was in the classic 'Stigmata')

Honey T: Oh God here we go...

BECCA: Is that, I could spend my twilight years with him.

Honey T: He will be dead in your twilight years.

BECCA: But like not in my heart. In my heart we live in this little house in Cape Cod and I'm like making bread in the kitchen and he's sitting reading some Robert Graves poetry, wearing a black turtleneck and some John Lennon specs -

Honey T: Sweet Jesus.

BECCA: And there's a fire going and I look in at him and I'm like -

*Becca giggles with Genuine Delight. All remark on how hilarious this is that she is so pleased with herself.*

BECCA : And did I mention the beagle? In my head we have an old beagle and it keeps looking at him but he's all caught up in his poetry and doesn't notice the dog who eventually sighs heavily and plops on Gabriel Byrne's feet, causing my man to smile gently. At night in bed - I mean we would never have sex because it would be our twilight years - he would teach me Gaellic by reading me poems as we fell asleep.

Honey T: You know what I get that.

BECCA: You know?

Honey T: Yeah because it's how I feel about Mark Ronson. (insert pic of Mark Ronson AKA DJ, producer extrodinaire)

BECCA: He's got lips for years. I could live on his lips.

Honey T: I KNOW!

BECCA: In my head you guys are in a white kitchen eating broccoli and listening to Trance music.


BECCA: ....whoa...

Honey T: Here's how it would really be: His place, his loft, Tribeca.

BECCA: - Tri-me.

Honey T: Ignoring you and moving on - Al Green is playing, and Mark, he's wearing a white tee-shirt and dark denim and white no no no grey socks and he's making me stir fry and I'm sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen counter and we're just talking shit and hanging out and he puts a snap pea in my mouth. We're drinking bottled water -

BECCA: What kind?

Honey T: Just poland spring, he keeps it in the fridge, he's real like that - has to take it to the studio and stuff. So yeah.

(Long Pause.)

Honey T: Except sometimes we have to turn off the stove because of the boning. You know how it is. You saw his lips.

BECCA: Indeed I did.

(Long long pause.)

BECCA: Yeah. Yeah we definitely just talked about that.

Honey T: For a long ass time.


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