Monday, August 17, 2009

The Place Where I Work: No Darker Than Peanut Brittle

Monday's aren't usually fun days, but this one was chock-full of excitement.
It begins with my introduction to all that is Bourgeois Black Mama or BBM. She would be the woman returning from vacation this week- the one Candy was interested in me meeting. Candy may be in for a sad surprise when she walks in and we've used her desk to house all our shopping bags from Saks and Bloomies.
BBM is that old money type. I picture us-she as my BBM- vacationing at the Vineyard with other elite Black folk. When I try to bring home an Idris Elba type-i.e. dark complexioned and not from money-she tells me she likes milk chocolate bunnies NOT milk chocolate babies!!
I will sadly disappoint her though because I will wind up with a White guy who's a musician-its my destiny.
So yeah, I see the potential in BBM being a bit much, but I think she sees eyed me enough to realize that though I am pleasant, I will choke an older bitch out!- OH and her voice. OMG! She has that 'I've been smoking 18 packs a days since birth' voice. I LOVE IT!
BBM and I are going to be good.

Not as good as Vanilla Madeline and I though. We were giggling together in the pantry because he couldn't decide what to snack on and he's trying to be good. Aww. We chit chatted about the weekend...and he loves my hair. I washed it and spent an hour n' a half straightening it then adding body curls. So its this thick long mass of fabulous-kinda like I have tresses. BBM approves.
VM is replacing CFO for me this week-humor wise. I'm telling you...soon he will be buying me cocktails and then I'll have to stay at his crib in Soho because I am so tipsy ...then he gives me his black card to buy an outfit for work the next day. Anthropologie all the way- they have the best dresses and VM likes me in dresses. He'll also allow me to go to the salon to get a good blow out because he likes my hair out n' luscious.
I'll oblige'll be tough though because I hate shopping, but I'll somehow pull-through.

MIT has been keeping his distance AND he's been pleasant. I don't trust him though and come midweek the other shoe will drop.

Got caught up in Older Matt Damons baby blues. I laughed to myself when I heard him telling the South African that he went boating on a lake last week and had the best time! He also enjoyed great seafood. Kinda like my fantasy where I went boating with he and his family-just a matter of time!
Typical Movie Admin is stepping her wardrobe game up. Perhaps because OMD is back. ....though when she came back from lunch she complained that she got sun burnt-she is very pale-just from sitting outside for a lil bit. I joked about this happening to me, but felt bad because IT REALLY happened to her. Oh poor poor TMA. OMD won't notice anyways.

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