Monday, August 24, 2009

The Place Where I Work: BACON!

Don't know what it is about today, but I just feel...*sigh* quiet. Troubled by deep thoughts. Deeper than my usual thoughts about cheeseburgers, shoes, dudes and butter cream frosting. One would think I was preggers or something because along with this less than lively yet glowing exterior, I've been craving brioche bread and bacon something wicked!
(This has nothing to do with work-yet, but I am getting there and its been a SLOW day....due to my ho-hum personality)
I thought I was done with my bacon craving after Thursdays lunch which consisted of a turkey burger with lettuce n' cheese...n' bacon!! Mmm. Mmm!
Then on Saturday, I was brunching with a friend and I was having a hard time deciding what to feast on. Do I eat the meal that comes with brioche or somehow get brioche on the side??
Luckily my waiter was very helpful-and mainly because he wanted to put it in me. I've said this before, that I rarely believe a dude is into me. This cannot be explained- I mean I am confident enough-but I just don't see it till the cock is...on my shoulder, which is what the waiter did.
So I am asking his opinion about what I should order and explaining my crazy craving for brioche and bacon. This was kinda uncomfortable because he was standing so close to me...and his crotch was at my shoulder level...and I had to look up into his face with the denim covered schlong so close to me. Like if I jutted out my chin I'd be hitting him in the dick. Woah.
He was helpful though, and we decided on the brioche french toast with a side of bacon- nothing makes me more giddy than covering my bacon with syrup...something about the salty n' the sweet.
The waiter wasn't nearly as friendly to my friend, nor did he stand so close. I asked her if she noticed how close his cock was to my shoulder, but she hadn't because she was buttering her biscuit...this is why we are friends.
So, the waiter comes to check on us. More so me. He stands too close again. He tells me I made the PERFECT choice and that I chose his favorite brunch dish...he also adds that I have good taste. When he finally leaves the table without performing cunnilingus on me- my friend is laughing hysterically and agrees that he wants to!
We hurried out before any penetration took place.

So today, Monday, I am kinda quiet (I think its the many stages of having a crush- NO not MIT), and having deep thoughts about bacon. I'm trying to figure out where this is all coming from since I am not a pork eater and make turkey bacon at home!
....though this weekend when I made breakfast with the turkey bacon, it was like them vampires on TrueBlood drinking that synthetic blood drink. I wanted the REAL THANG!
CFO is back, and normally I would be elated, but I am like whatevs. He notices and still tries to make me chuckle.
MIT is staying in his lane, but I am in no mood for him. He tries to strike up a convo, but I just shoo him away.
BBM is loving my look today-shift dress and the hair is curly (I didn't spend hours straightening like last week just to have humidity come and ruin my hair!! this week there's no humidity though because ...this is my life yo). She is glum about Candy coming back from vacay tomorrow, but is glad I am still here. She was telling me about taking her youngest daughter back-to-school shopping. She is starting her first year of college-an exciting time! The daughter may be going to Brown or Boston College. I voted for Brown since I know a ton of peeps who went there and they are all cool. Plus, she would be able to take classes at RISD too! The daughter wants to curate her own art gallery. Awww. I remember what it felt like to have dreams. Good times.

The rest of the day is pretty ho-hum because I am not in the office social mood. MIT's arms are flailing because he is having computer issues-all that geek porn....or the fact that he is photoshopping my bones wearing flip-flops....or that he is photoshopping my head on that robot from Short Circuit's body!! HA! I crack myself up!

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