Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Not everything that comes out of my mouth is complete nonsense. Hard to believe, but its true. Sometimes the things I say become movements, or words to live by. Sometimes they inspire and most of the time they offend...

A few summers ago, I stood amongst a group of friends and stated ever so eloquently, "I deem this the summer of the White boy." We all chuckled- there I go again with my usual antics, but this White boy summer thing-though half assed- has stuck!
Do I ever bag a White guy (or any guy for that matter) during the summer? No.
Do I throw myself at only White men (or any men for that matter) during the summer? No.
So, why do I continue with this funny yet fruitless charade? Because I can...and its my way of letting White dudes know- hey, its okay. I won't bite.

I've always been one who felt that people should date whomever-though I understand why some stay within their own race. I get the Black-White thing and all its hang-ups, but I feel that EVERYONE is fucked up. So, if you can find someone who's a good person and wants to treat you well, but happens to be a different race...do you!
Have always felt this way about my friends, why not dudes?
The funniest thing is that people think I only date White guys! When I ask why-they say its because I just seem like the type. Wow.

A few years ago this would've sent in me into a tailspin. Ever since I can remember my Black-ness (or lack thereof) has been questioned, poked at, disemboweled and commented on. People had me thinking it was ME, when really, it was them.
Once I came into my own and realized that like Eve-I do what they can't do, I just do me- I moved on with my life and had NOTHING to prove.
....What people who think I only date White men fail to realize is that:

a) I'm too light(complexioned) to matter-meaning that if they (White dudes)brought me home it wouldn't have the same impact as would say...a chick with Lauryn Hills complexion. Not saying that White men only date Black women as a slap in the face to their parents, but I am just saying they like to know that they are dating a Black woman and no one will question it.
With me, there will be questions and crosses may not be burned on the front lawn. Where's the fun/fight in that??!!

b) I've been told this many times...and I laugh every.single.time, that I have a 'Latina shape' . I'd like to think I get it from my mama (definitely not my dads side, they are odd shaped and all boobs) or that I have a Black woman's shape. My ass, hips and thick shapely legs appeal to the Black and Latin male. White men (who aren't on the Jon B. tip *wink wink*) will think I am overweight...possibly fat. Not all, but most. This doesn't get me any closer to them Abercrombie & Fitch briefs.

c) My limited dating experience goes like this: Black, Mixed (Black n' White, Black n' Latino), Asian, Latino....and *drum roll* Irish, and Italian (does that count??). I have yet to conquer the always desired Blasian, but I'm sure my day will come.
...This is all to say that though I seem like I go in deep with the White meat...sadly this hasn't been the case.

This could all change very soon, or end up like last summer and the summers before, and I will not bag a tanned White guy and shall enter the Fall slightly disheartened.
OH! I think I designated Blasians for the Fall anyways...so things could be looking up...but I don't bag those either...*le sigh*.

***this was written tongue-in-cheek...my usual. it was also a response to feeling unloved-nobody seems to want a somewhat normal ambiguously black chick. dudes want latina's, asian's and whatever exotic blend is in the video's. so, i had to take matters into my own hands and have seasonal dudes. someday it will catch on.***

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