Thursday, August 13, 2009

Older Blogs: My Hood, Race and ...uh...My Wedding.

Originally posted April 2008:

Figured It Out.Black men are zombies.Pat me on the back, give me my $100,000 Cover Girl contract because I have figured it all out!! Thats why the po-po has to shoot them ( Black men, ESPECIALLY when they are unarmed) 30-41-50...times! ZOMBIES...or werewolves! I mean its the only way to explain how and why cops are shooting Black men that many times and getting away with it.Hey Black people are still deemed and treated as savages, some even act like it....then there are men like my brother who have nothing savage about them who could be doing what he does...going to work, hanging with friends, drawing and chatting with celebs (yeah). He could be doing all those things and be at the wrong place at the wrong time (AKA around some po-po) and get shot 50 times...because he is a werewolf zombie. Must never go out at night, moonlight causes his TRUE savagery to come ALIVE.I realize that this realization will ruin any chance I had at dating a cop, but thats okay because they are known wife beaters. So, I'm good.

Originally posted: May 2008:

Daydreamin’....I was walking through a train station one evening and this dude was playing an erhu. The erhu is one of my favorite instruments. Love the it a violin? Is it a fiddle? The sound one makes is melancholy, almost like every note has a story.OH, what is an erhu? what it is.So, dude was playing 'Right Here Waiting' by Richard Marx (don't question HOW or WHY I know that, just accept my knowledge of music....all kinds) did like his song 'Hazard'.This moment turned me into THAT GIRL. The girl who thinks about her wedding. I think I want the erhu played as I come down the isle...and I want the song to be: Nothing Even Matters- Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo, All I Do- Stevie Wonder, Kissing You-Des'ree....Cannot decide and I am sure I can come up with about 15 more.Then I came out of my THAT GIRL haze and wondered how the 'Thong Song' would sound on an erhu. Mad elegant!

Originally posted May 2008:

I Did Not Sign Up For This...I grew up in Sheepshead Bay (BROOKLYN). I'm used to being 'asked': they let YOU live out there? (because of the majority of Europeans that live out here) Or its assumed that I live in the projects. When I say NOPE and give my street name, again I get: they let YOU live out there?What I enjoy about living out in the Bay, besides the wonderful sea breezes, is the UP FRONT non-PC racism of the Bay that helped to make me who I am today. Stronger, wiser, and kept the skin thick.Then I moved to Park Slope for a few years. Ah, the Slope. Subtle racism...I MEAN...diversity and family fun. Great restaurants! I grew in a different way in the Slope. I made great friends (never made a friend in the Bay) and began my sordid affair with Starbucks and brunches.Now I am back in the Bay, and was happy for it....its not perfect, but its home. Home is not the same though. Home is almost resembling THE SLOPE! From new condo's to the hipsters at the local Dunkin Donuts. Diversity and no hateful stares with eyes that wonder why my (sexy) Black ass is living in this area! Then the ULTIMATE- are you ready?....I was doing my grocery shopping at the local Stop n' Shop (that has an awesome organic section now) when I see a Black dude doing his shopping as a t-shirt, wind pants and FLIP FLOPS!!! When a male Negro feels comfortable enough to wear FLIP FLOPS as he buys ice cream...then the once racist, close minded area that you call home has CHANGED!!Feel all uneasy and slightly out of place......but not DUMB/suicidal enough to move to Bensonhurst.*sigh*
All these conflicted feelings may have clouded my mind. Especially when I find myself enjoying ANOTHER Kanye Pest song!!!! I'm definitely feeling this song! FEELING IT!Also, if you have a chance to do some Broadway, go see Passing Strange. Best. Show. Ever. (well one of) I don't do musicals, but this one is AMAZING and like nothing you've seen.OH with all my excitement...and disappointment, I failed to mention the sudden migration of LESBIANS to the Bay AKA the NEW SLOPE!

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