Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Place Where I Work: When I'm Wrong, I'm Wrong

I thought today was going to be a horrible day. My alarm woke me up from an amazing dream. I left my house late and had to take an unusually crowded train. Unusually crowded trains mean you're going to get felt up whether you want to or not.
Though I am a native New Yorker, I have a strong aversion to crowds and enjoy my space-so the train ride wasn't fun.
Things started looking up when I got a free drink from my Starbucks crew this morning. Perhaps they sensed the dark cloud around any case, it was sweet and greatly appreciated.
Maybe I was wrong about today...

I am the first one to admit when I am wrong. The first. I may not say it out loud, but I've admitted it to myself (in my head).So here it goes....MIT does not want to murder me. This doesn't mean he doesn't want to clone my bones, and he is socially awkward, but he definitely doesn't have anything sinister planned.This all became abundantly clear this morning as he greeted me with a huge smile and a 'good morning!' He was friendly and somewhat normal-which was a continuation from yesterday where we discussed cake.
Somehow a strawberry shortcake appeared in the pantry. The cake was friggin' delicious!
Upon further investigation I found out that Candy has friends in culinary high places. This solidifies her as a homie. We both appreciate food. Good food.
MIT enjoys a good food as well. He is a foodie.
I think I was thrown off by MIT because he is wayyyy socially awkward, but once you've proven you don't bite and have more than 4 brain cells- he grows on ya. Do I want him to throw me on the pantry counter-no, but I do appreciate him and like that he doesn't want to murder me.

Vanilla Madeline is becoming my besty. Though he barely eats- he nibbles and its all healthy- he LOVES a good cocktail and a dessert. I love it. When he does eat, he indulges in only the finest of eats. Pretentious yes, but if he's paying who am I to judge?
He had a breakfast meeting at the Mercer Hotel, and when he strolled in at about 10, he gave me a once over and was pleased again. Admittedly, my stiletto sling backs and shift dress are pretty cute-I had my doubts though when Candy said 'you look cute'. I thought maybe I look a tad hookerish, but after checking my strut and consulting with my peoples at lunch- I found that I look fine.Not fine enough to turn CFO, it seems he is gay too. This is cool because I knew we could only be companions anyways...this just makes it BETTER! It also explains our relationship based on hilarity.
The cherry on top of the day so far has been For The Fuck of It. FTFI maintains his spot as my hero! Today while everyone was on these conference calls and closing deals, he walks out of a meeting and says he has an important call to make. He then rolls into his office and calls his granddaughter who he puts on speakerphone and they discuss the places they are going to go this he googles all the places she mentions.
This dude wins at life. Wins.

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