Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Place Where I Work- In the Beginning…

With the success of my New York Life (ooo the cats out of the bag) chronicles, I decided to chronicle my time here at this medical investment company. Keeping all places and faces as anonymous as possible.

This assignment is only for a couple of weeks with no chance of me getting a job from it-doesn’t mean I am going to hop on a desk with someone because the office is SMALL.Small , yet sleek n’ stylish-modern, and its filled with masterful nerds. These are nerds with PHD’s n’ shit. HARDCORE. So there is a comfort level-nerds…yet a discomfort because I don’t wanna get what they do. I just wanna smile n’ nod, nod n’ smile…then collect pay and GO!
People here seem nice though, yet they seem shocked that I know ANYTHING…which is funny. Maybe I do the nod n’ smile thing too well.One of the head guys I work with, is this petite French guy-we’ll call him Vanilla Madeline (like the cookies) or VM for short. He is quite a character and peeps here are intimidated by him. Maybe it’s the accent-stereotypically he is very brusque and can be quite bitchy. Plus he’s a health nut. I am a firm believer in milkshakes n’ cake creating balance. Balance for the soul, yo.VM and I like to eyeball each other, but he stays in his lane….for now. Perhaps he see’s the wheels turning in my head-the plotting! You see, he has a NICE pad in Soho. I’m no gold digger and could give a fuck about the car you drive, but am a sucka for real estate! Location, location, location.

So, I have to make VM fall madly in love with me, yet understand that we can NEVER have sex. We will be companions. Like having a pet…and one shouldn’t have sex with their pets.
We shall see how this plays out.
He is the only character so far. Everyone else seems pretty tame. The receptionist I thought was maybe a part-time stripper named Candy-that’ll be her code name, but she won me over because she admitted that she sometimes dresses trashy and that’s just how she does. I can respect that, so she is COOL in my book.There is the cute young guy who like created life or something at MIT-code name MIT….so I will just look at him and stay very far away. He may steal a strand of my hair and make another me and the WORLD doesn’t need that.
Ah, the nicest dudes are the South African- you guessed it, code name South African or SA- and Older Matt Damon- or OMD. They are both really personable. SA has a PHD in something, and we have chill convo’s and OMD looks like Matt Damon’s dad that can still get it if I were into that sort of thing. He has big teeth and lives in Connecticut…which is fitting. Dude is real cool though and seems very down-to-earth.

Outside of the office, I have come full circle. You see, I work across the street from my first full time job. Aww, memories. Its great because I get to reconnect with my peeps!So far no big events….just that VM took all the GUYS out to a fancy dinner last night. I wonder if anyone got drunk and used that old excuse to make out with a dude…then blame it on the al-al-al-alcohol. Hmm. Have heard no mutterings of anything, but dudes don’t talk like that.

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