Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Place Where I Work: For The Love

Part of the whole working experience for me, is establishing good relations with barista’s at the local Starbucks. This is not to (just) get free ish, its because the barista’s look out and can even perk up a non morning person like myself.

At New York Life I didn’t have to worry about this because they had their own cafeteria and I made nice with all the cooks- they just love a girl who loves food and doesn’t need to wear elastic waist bands.Color me surprised when I’ve already established love amongst the barista’s at the Starbucks closest to the office. Sure, I’ve worked in the area before and frequented this SB before, but there is high turnover in the barista world.
I think I was so successful because I was raised right and don’t treat peeps in the service industry like dog doo-it could also be that when one of barista’s mistakenly called me Jon instead of Joy (always give my middle name because I have spent most of my life 2 steps from shanking peeps who mispronounce my first name) and then when I stepped up to get my drink the look of shock and embarrassment on her face was amazing. I smiled because there’s a part of me that enjoys being possibly seen as a drag queen.
Anways, she said that if I was a Jon, I would look damn good…we all chuckled and the in-house aggressive (hardcore lesbian) gave me the eye-it also could’ve been that she was glad I really wasn’t a dude. I like my SB crews to have one gay guy and one aggressive-at least!. This kind of situation always makes me more comfortable and insures there will be laughs in the morning. Also, I’ll know how hot I look if I get positive feedback from the gay guy, and if I am grumpy the aggressive will appreciate it and give me a free croissant. Win-win.All this to say, that my day was set off right with my SB crew this morning. Added a lil pep to the step. Wasn’t even gonna let MIT’s murderous plans get me down!
Speaking of MIT, the heart n’ mind are such fickle beasts. MIT seems less murderous today. Just looks at me a little quizzically. He keeps catching me trying to scratch the mosquito bites on my arms-have this method of scratching them on the chair. It fills me with such pleasure.I dunno, there is something about his JFK drawl-less hardcore New England with slight undercurrents- and being extremely friggin’ smart that just makes me wanna sigh.Maybe its his cool vibe with Older Matt Damon that is showing me a less murderous side to MIT. OMD is a REALLY nice dude. They have a nice bro-nerd-mance going on and it warms my cold black heart.All these feelings of good cheer could change tomorrow, so don’t go on thinking that I would trust MIT alone in a room with me and a bunch of pertri dishes.

Haven’t really introduced Typical Movie Admin or TMA to yall yet. I call her TMA because in movies involving admin assistants who are slightly frumpy, but have good hearts-you root for them because they are madly in love with their boss (i.e. OMD) and you hope that with their new makeover that the boss notices, but then you realize he’s a married jerk and the dude in the mailroom (with the heart of gold) is the one for her!- that’s her. I socialize mostly with she and Candy because they know a lot and give me the inside scoop on how shit goes. Sometimes I wanna shake Candy out of her stripper with a heart persona though. She is a really hot chick-like my guy friends would be singin’ Cameo (Candy) ALL.THE.TIME….its just she has dyed blonde hair (and she is Black, which I already have MUCHO issues with…but I digress..) that doesn’t compliment her and blue eye contacts, which make me want to kick her in the throat. With the sometimes trashy style-you do the math- it equals hooker with a heart.Again, she is good people though and hopefully she’ll be aight.What I’m really hoping for is for she and MIT to ‘make it happen’. Do it all Dan Akroyd/Jamie Lee Curtis Trading Places style. Well, except MIT is a genius!I think it could work though.You see, there I go again with my good cooch karma- WHEN IS IT GONNA PAY UP!! PAY WHAT YOU OWE, bitch!....….

hmmmm where was I?

My idol in the office is another person I haven’t introduced yall too. I’ll call him For The Fuck of It, or FTFI. This dude is another PHD and had a brilliant career as a scientist ALREADY. He was the top dude at one of the top pharmaceutical companies out there. Once he was done with that, he decided to go down a totally different path in the pharmaceutical industry…and so he is. Basically, this dude DOESN”T HAVE TO WORK. He is like…LOADED. Very unassuming and VERY nice. He comes to the office, does his thing and then goes out of his way to set his day around seeing his grandchildren. This dude is just here for the love. I find that incredibly cool. I also find myself trying to figure out how old his male children and grandchildren are so I can figure out my IN. Have always wanted to marry for love, but it’s a recession bitch and I wanna write my book in a house on the Amalfi Coast, so a bitch has GOT to be enterprising, yo!

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