Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Place Where I Work: The Embrace

Bear with me. I am cruising on only a few hours sleep so I am liable to speak crazy truths or fall asleep as I type this.
Why am I so tired?
Well kids, when you get older, going out during a work week becomes a luxury few of us can handle. Those few like myself who enjoy HOURS of sleep. If I could sleep for fourteen hours a day, I would, but then I would miss out on things like life...and Top Chef.
So today I loaded up on caffeine, put on some extra eye makeup and puffed out my chest-ready for battle.
Not like its a battle here...this is the most laid back, chill, non-dramatic office I have ever worked at. Sure I wouldn't mind sleeping in, but I also don't mind coming in.

I have a guard in the lobby who asks me to marry him daily, today he must've noticed the look of 'not today' and just hit my floor for me. I said thank you and sluggishly sipped my iced coffee.
Then first thing (upon entering the office), I bump into MIT. I get a smile and non-awkward 'good morning'. His haircut is even growing on me. We chit chat. I find out he is going to check out the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the Guggenheim tonight.
I think he will enjoy it-but seriously, we were having a normal conversation. No weirdness. No murderous plots. He was quite nice and now I fear a crush will develop on my end, but crushes are healthy-work relations I am not down with.
The ole 'don't shit where you eat' kinda thing.-BUT I am a temp you say, and I would respond I'll be over him an hour after I leave the office on my last day because that's how I roll. Lust 'em and leave 'em....unless they put a t-bone on it-in lieu of a ring because I likes to eat.
....They also keep extending my time here, which I am not complaining about. So, who knows if I'll ever leave.
Got an email account set up-no MIT hasn't written me any steamy emails...yet.
My agency called and made sure I was cool with staying, AND they were thankful that I am representing so well because this company is a new client. If by representing they mean showing up and trying to establish long term companionship's with wealthy gay men...then yes. I am doing a FANTASTIC job.
CFO treated me to lunch today. We had Italian. I had porcini ravioli and he had a salad. I *heart* him and he me because I bring no drama and am good at what I do-which is looking like I am doing something. Looking damn GOOD while looking like I am doing something. That's the key.
This brings me to a guy I'll call Possible Douche AKA PD. He gets this name because upon first glance and convo he appears to be a douche. Then you get to talking to him-like say this morning while he washes off his morning snack of blueberries (he's a vegetarian which may be another reason why I wasn't feelin' him) and he blows your mind with how cool he is. Mostly, I think PD picks n' chooses who he's douche-y to. For instance, TMA (Typical Movie Admin)gets his wrath because she is neurotic and he doesn't like being treated like a 2 year old- hey most high level guys act like 2 yr olds that so I understand.
What I don't understand is when she explains things to me like I am slow-today she might be right- but seriously I can't deal when people speak to me that way, it makes me slap happy- BUT I am at work so...
I smile and grit my teeth, then catch eyes with PD who smirks and nods. I understand his reasoning for turning to the douche. Understand completely, but I resist any attitude because in the end....I.Don't.Give.A.Fuck.
Doesn't mean I have no passion for life, I just have no passion for this.
Now I must embrace this new responsibility that comes along with being liked (and possibly respected...and possibly (de)boned if MIT has his way) around here. Since they think I am doing such a fantastic job, they are giving me more work which cuts into my time spent looking like I am doing work when I'm simply daydreaming about recipe creations or Facebook stalking. Hmmm.

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