Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Place Where I Work: The Meat Experience

THEY DO come back. Always. I wanna say something cheap like:once you go black you always go back....or taste o' honey makes you wanna spend money-hmmm, that made no sense. get where I'm going with this. Basically, anything you can think of involving why even when they've had enough...they still want more of the Honey T. Ah! I spoke in the third person-am feeling slightly tool-y today. Sorry.
All day MIT has been trying to get back in my good graces. Its been smiles, needless chit-chat, lunch offerings-him offering to get me Greek food because he always gets Greek on Wednesday's because that's when they serve lamb...
So he orders from the Greek spot-or has Candy order for him- and instead of lamb gyro meat, he gets lamb kabob. This sends him into a frenzy, and I begin tallying up the many moments I had to physically refrain from saying ANYTHING-literally had to hold my lips CLOSED! MIT is all like they sent me the wrong MEAT! He realizes he is being high maintenance, but calls them back and asks for the right meat. Tally #1: I wanted to say: you know they are going to skeet in your food, right? Instead, I stared at him all wide eyed and fidgety-which in nerd land means I am in love with him, so he gave me a BEAMING smile and continued talking about how he can't go through the day eating the wrong meat.
After eating the right lamb dish, he comes to chat with BBM and I. He just goes on and on about how different the kabob meat is from the gyro meat. That the gyro meat is moist-just how he likes it. Tally#2: I wanted to say: Ah, so you like your meat your own saliva or....
Instead, I literally held my mouth shut and looked away. He looked at me funny, and came over to investigate, but I explain it's what I do when I number crunch-he sees my Gmail page up, and I just shrug.
***sidebar out***
I refuse lunch, but am gracious about it (because I LOVE Greek food). This is when For The Fuck of It strolls by and is all like heyyyyyyyy. We chat about the US Open and the fact that we can see the expedition games from his office. He invites MIT and I to watch it. We do, and it was lovely. FTFI invited his daughter and grandson up, and introduced me by NAME. Didn't think he knew it. They were really nice and his grandson wasn't bratty! Very cute. MIT was cute with FTFI's grandson- I was alarmed at first, but the kid liked him...which says a lot.
....or that the kid is INSANE TOO.

The Dude has been out a few days, seems he was in the Hamptons with the wife. Awww. I asked him how yachting was. He chuckled and said they took the 10footer out. He talked about his first water skiing experience-which was hilarious because he ended up skis in the air and water in the face. The Dude will always be cool in my book. Always.
Though MIT doesn't like it when we joke around, which I think is the leading cause to him being so 'affectionate' towards me, forgetting all about his beloved Candy.
I think FTFI came back around because he can visualize me as a daughter-in-law. I think its my 1940's inspired summer dress and heels. I look classy, seductive-yet presentable to your (his)great Aunt Martha who had a colored girl name Lucy who used to pick up things around the house for her.
I appreciate the fact that MIT is dying to share a...meat experience...with me, but I've only got 2 days left and have held out this long! Keep fingers crossed for San Diego!!

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  1. i wanna see a picture of this 40's inspired dress and heels. man, i need the kind of office gig where dressing up means more than deciding to take the limited edition kicks out for the day...