Friday, August 21, 2009

A Few Things...

-Project Runway is back. It’s the usual and I was bored.
Saw NOTHING remotely exciting-perhaps I have seen it all. Hmmm.
The contestants are all the same: gays, freaks, old with a dream, straight men who love women’s bods, etc.
Have a new one to add…EX METH HEAD!! I like the new addition. I didn’t like that he cried through most of episode and felt he couldn’t make it because of all the pressure and pressure= METH RELASPE!!!!!!!Thank HOV for Tim Gunn and thank Lifetime for the touching moment that made me cringe…and then question my love for mankind.
Am I a heartless cynical harpy???
No, I am bitch who says: BUCK. THE.FUCK.UP…and also realizes this was a ploy for a plot. That and close-ups o f La Hohan- Lindsay Lohan’s slightly constipated confused expressions…were supposed to rouse viewership.
I was bored. BORED!
The All Star challenge before the premiere was FAR more exciting…even though Korto was ROBBED. Daniel DID make ONE exceptional dress and I was not surprised by his win….BUT come the eff on. Korto has been consistently FABULOUS since day ONE! I would wear ANYTHING that woman made, and she makes clothes for EVERY WOMAN.
Well, every woman with taste.
THEN. THEN! The Project Runway spinoff about the models was so boring, I’d rather watch a repeat of that boring premier of Runway again- dude I’d rather watch that atrocious crap The Fashion Show (Bravo’s Costco replica of Project Runway) with Isaac Mizrahi (my love) and Kelly Rowland (at least she’s not singin’)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Humidity sucks. Hurricane weekends suck when you planned on going to the beach for tan maintenance so that I look less anemic in November!

- I’ve decided to change my DJ name from Twist-Out to Tefnut AKA the Egyptian goddess of dryness AND moisture. Perfecto for my Gemini nature. Also similar to Prince’s ‘Soft n’ Wet’….’cept I make ya dry AND moist. Hmmm. Anywho, thanks to BrooklynKat for nerdin’ out on that one and enabling me to find the!!!

...also when I typed in 'meth head' for a pic, I got this gem:, I realized I must look like a meth head because this is what happens to my face when I am around or ingest ORANGES!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (my eyebrows don't suck though).
I felt better when a pic of Fergie also came up when I Google imaged 'meth head'. HAHAHHAHAHA!!!

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  1. Korto TOTALLY got robbed. I loved her stuff before, and it was amazing this time too. I want her to be in charge of dressing me.

    And what was up with all of the short red carpet gowns in the premiere?! I wanted to see some more updated elegance.