Thursday, August 13, 2009

For The Love of Ray: Composition of Men

Granted, for even being intrigued enough to watch this show I deserve to be kicked in the throat. Damn you VH1 for making trash so appealing to me.
Luckily for my strength in mind I was able to detach myself from Tool Academy after only 2 episodes.
I think I can do 5 more episodes of Ray J's show simply because he is a true composition of most of the guys I know.
"You must know a lot of tools!" You say."Not exactly." I reply.
You see we have the capability to be jerks, saints, assholes, bitches- it all depends on the situation. Most dudes have the capabilities of being tools and are...some use their powers for good. Its just how it is.
Now Ray J has a sense of humor, can carry like 2 notes (which equals talent I guess) and has charisma that escapes his asshole and is released into this atmosphere making him popular n' rich. Ray J is attractive and there is definitely a type of woman that appeals to him and that he appeals to.
The thing is Ray J really wants LOVE-or whatever the substitute is that will bring forth ratings and get his cock ridden. He is sick of the ho's that make it clap. He wants the perfect blend of lady in the streets n' freak in the bed. This is true for most dudes. They want the HOT chick that all the dudes want who is also a sexual beast...but they want her to have just escaped from a convent.
A very complex thing and I wish Ray J n' all dudes luck on their quests.
Watching Ray J who is a composition of dudes I know also enlightens why I am single. I just don't know where I fit, I am just doing me...and I don't wear heels often and if I make it clap I really would want a 20 dollar bill and a steak.
*shakes fist*
Ahh, this thing called life n' love is so confusing.

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