Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Fam-Lay

Its all love-love today.
I got love from my Starbucks Crew. Love from the guard downstairs. Love from my Bourgeois Black Mama....and LOVE from MIT.
This is all BIG because I've been a zombie most of the day. I blame lack of sleep and I blame my lack of sleep on being tired, but unable to fall asleep till late.
This could all be solved by a good twist out or 599 Egyptian cotton high thread count sheets...but you know how that goes.

I entered the office today, forgetting yesterday-because that's what I do, leave work at work. So, when I saw MIT, I forgot that we were having a 'fight'...or something. I decided to be the bigger person and say good morning.
I got a good morning back -his voiced cracked which was cute-but no smile. Awww. Guess he still needed time. No matter. Would use this morning to bond more with For The Fuck of It so that I can get with a male member of his family, and I can live the FTFI lifestyle too!
...FTFI runs every morning and even did the NY half marathon the other day. We discussed my muffin eating and lack of running...then The Dude entered the convo. He told us about this amazing tapas place he ate at in the West Village. The Dude is a foodie too, so we relished in the menu and what he ate. I looked to FTFI to see if he would say, 'hey we should try this place, I'll invite my twenty-thirty something grandson who happens to resemble Justin TImberlake/ Adrien Brody/Jake Gyllenfuck and we'll make a night of it!' To which I would reply, 'yes, yes a million times yes!!'.
Unfortunately, that didn't happen. He seemed excited to try the place though.

The Dude and I then discussed our favorite food sites. We chatted about places we've tried, places we want to...all the while I could feel the heat of anger emanating from MIT's office. No, I wasn't trying to make him jealous...cannot help that I can hold a conversation and that I love food. Oh well. BBM had enough of our tension. She says something to break the ice and get us all laughing-like good mama's do- she calls MIT on being moody and he chuckles. After that, it was all love n' smiles between us. I guess he realized with my limited time here he had better ACT RIGHT! BBM let him know!!

Since we (MIT and I) were back on, we discussed him going to a Mets game later (because he got free tickets, the ONLY reason to go...oh and Shake Shack). He explained that was why he was eating a salad because he planned on going IN at the game. I told him I was jealous because he would be able to have Shake Shack.
He asked what Shake Shack was. This was when we had sex for the first time.
Calm down.
Nothing transpired on his desk or mine, but as I described the ecstasy that is those burgers n' shakes...and the way you bite into a 'shroom burger and the cheese just oozes out- the look on his face said it all: I.Just.Messed.My.Pants.
I didn't realize my voice had went all sultry-its how I get about the food yo- and low. I didn't realize I was curving my body against his office door jam....but by the time I came back from my food reverie and saw the way he was looking at me- I may not know when a dude is feeling me (ever), but I do know when they wanna!
He wanted to repeatedly.
I said something about needing to go to lunch and he thanked me for the ...heads up...about Shake Shack.

When I got back to my desk, I was all red faced and slightly panting.
Not bad for the first time, not bad at all.

Needless to say, MIT and I are good...and before my time is up here, he really will attempt cloning me because he'll be in luuuurve. :P


  1. i'm back. i read this all the time. so fucking good.

  2. *blushes and looks all uneasy* thanks mama!!!