Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Bonding and Boating.

As I lunched on shrimp tempura, I could feel his eyes upon me. They were the curious eyes of murder. MIT then smiled when I caught him staring, then sauntered off to wherever he goes to contemplate the cutting of my bones…or the duplication rather.

I thought the day would be a lot worse since I am working DIRECTLY with MIT, but he’s been cool. He greets me with a ‘hey, hey’ and stays in his lane. I like that.It’s the few moments when I catch him staring, I get a little tense and try n’ make the large itchy mound on my arm (damn mosquito’s) visible to him. It works…sometimes.

OMG- I now understand why Typical Move Admin may be in love with Older Matt Damon! Usually, he and I share brief pleasantries. Today, we spoke for about five minutes. Since its customary to maintain eye contact, I looked into his baby blues…and thought I felt my heart swell.Woah.As I slowly returned to my desk, I realized it was the combination of his eyes, soothing yet assertive voice and intelligent words caused me to understand how one could be smitten. For years even.

I don’t see this being a problem for me because I don’t envision him taking me in the pantry and knocking over the expresso machine- no, I imagine us sipping on white wine spritzers on his boat. Nothing fancy, just a sturdy boat he and his son upkeep. His wife asks if I’d like a refill-I nod. OMD then talks about the great lobster tails we’re going to have once we dock on the coast of Maine. We’re listening to Billy Joel and he throws in some old Motown for good measure. We have conversations about life and he tellls me I can go boating with he and his fam anytime.


See, not every fantasy involves panty tossing. Sometimes its just about bonding and boating.When I try to come up with a pleasant fantasy involving MIT- I can’t. Can’t even imagine one involving panty tossing. I just see labcoats and his murderous eyes-*shiver*.

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