Friday, August 21, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Its Me, Defintely Me

Should have known when I saw the 'heroin nodder' in Starbucks AGAIN, that today would be a good day. You see, I saw him yesterday and yesterday was a good

First, the people who came in today (there were 7 of us) all dressed down because none of the BIGWIGS were in. Every one's style-down was fitting! Here's a rundown:

-Bourgeois Black Mama wore well tailored jeans, with a print tee that looked expensive and Prada slide-ons.
-MIT wore a short sleeved polo, jeans and flip-flops.
-Typical Movie Admin wore sad oatmeal colored DRAWSTRING CARGO pants and a v-neck tee tucked in...with a pair of white n' grey New Balances.
-The Dude wore khaki cargo shorts, a short sleeved polo and leather loafers-no socks. HOLLA!!!

....there are two others, but I haven't introduced them...because they are neither here nor there. Good people, but no stories.

Do you understand how FITTING all the outfits were????? If you understand it, then you'll see why I think I need to check myself before I wreck myself.
Yesterday, I feel I went overboard with the being loved thing. Perhaps my ego should be checked too. These people don't wanna be my best friend, they are just being friendly! Need to calm down and shake things up around here so that when BBM offs Candy, they'll give me her job!
Yeah folks, the feelings of hatred are mutual. Candy doesn't like BBM and BBM thinks Candy is ghetto n' classless...and I still don't care because I am here for the paycheck. BBM wants to find a way to oust Candy and have me takeover, but that will be hard since CFO and Vanilla Madeline *heart* her.
Its a tricky thing.
BBM was so offended with the thought of ANYBODY thinking Candy and I look alike. I found her contempt hilarious. Aww BBM!

....since I've decided to ease up on the pushing peeps away, I chatted with The Dude about going yachting...since he looked like he was about to captain a boat. He got a kick out of that and appreciated my hatred. He then called on me to make fun of MIT for wearing flip flops. Good times. I helped BBM and MIT hang photo's HE TOOK in his office-not bad. I then suggested he paint a nude mural of VM. This got a chuckle out of BBM and caused a look of fear on MIT's face-perhaps I unleashed a fantasy he's had?
There were talks of lunch involving The Dude and MIT, but I had to run a few errands, so it was a no go.
Next time...maybe.


  1. Ooh - watch out with that talk of nudity! That's like sexual harassment territory according to the law. Also, it'll shock him because he's a nerd - you don't want to send him over the edge. Keep the sex all innuendo! It'll keep him on the verge, but not tip him over.

  2. yes yes, you're so right. I'm pervy by nature and forget these things. *sigh* will go back to only saying 'hi' and 'bye' to him. nothing is ever really safe....

  3. I'm not sayin' it has to be all 'hi' and 'bye' - my life wouldn't be interesting if you didn't act out biting into a hamburger for him every so often. I'm just sayin' it needs to be innuendo, so the actual words/acts aren't on the record, and you can cover your ass by acting like *other* people are the ones with their minds in the gutter!

  4. that is my usualy steelo, but it was a Friday and I was bored.
    o wise one, I shall remember to make people always think its THEM being dirrty dirrty, never an angel like me.O:)