Friday, August 28, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Le Fin...well here...well now.

All though we've come, to the ennnnnnnd of the rooooaaad- though in the temp world, I could be back here in a couple of weeks if I am not on another assignment or have a JOB.
....ALMOST filled a position here, but Candy came back alive.
At some point this afternoon, Candy AND Bourgeois Black Mama left the office. CFO was alarmed. He came to me, eyes wide, "did Candy and BBM finally decide to go off and kill each other??" I said I hope so, and he smirked, "then you'll have a permanent position here."
Then we both cackled. Yep, it was pretty awesome.
Unfortunately, Candy came back soon after that. We discussed how amazing I am, and how much she shall miss my 'secret smile' (whenever she walks by my desk and I am thinking about what I am going to write here because these people are crazy) and I how I thought I could get in with For The Fuck of It. She revealed that she finds MIT annoying-oh, he's OUT today. No tearful goodbyes or pangs of regret that he never took my bones. Its better this way.
Anywho, Candy finds MIT annoying because he is needy and BBM mothers him. BBM LOVES MIT, like she birthed him. We can't figure out why-and wait a minute...she likes me too!
This could be because I am a temp- that is Candy's assumption. Candy feels that if I were permanent I would've felt the WRATH of BBM. Hmmm, sounds interesting.

....on a different note, I saw this dude laying the street yesterday with only pants on...playing with his dick tip (through his pants). Just laying all lazy like. I kinda wanted to be him. Hmmm...

So, The Dude has been sweet. He sliced up some apples because I couldn't have a muffin today...because I am going to try to eat my weight in BBQ-well not really, but I plan to eat a lot tonite!!! We shared an apple and some final laughs.

All in all, I am kinda glad to move on- OH the Asians in the Corner both let me know they are sad I am done here. Awww, who knew they knew I was ALIVE??!!
I shall miss the characters...and I never got in with FTFI or Vanilla Madelline, but its all for the best.
As long as there are Starbucks, offices in need of assistance and paychecks to be made...I'll be there! With sensible pumps and quiet observations!

Stay tuned next week when I return to the sexy AKA the soccer league. This is sure to be a treat!

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