Friday, August 14, 2009

The Place Where I Work:Nothing Is Ever Really Free

What I love most about truth-besides the simplicity of it- is that more often than not, it is better than fiction.
One of my personal truths that I am burdened with is that even when I am wrong, I am right. It sounds arrogant and insane, but it is true.
You see, I was both wrong and right about MIT. Right to think that he wants to know me, break me down and then duplicate my bones. I was wrong about the murdering part. That would be too common and less fun for him.
Our day and a half 'lovefest' came to a halt late yesterday afternoon.
The office space is pretty open, and then the peeps with offices have wooden doors and beside the door is a long glass pane-this enables one to peek in or out of the office if need be. Where I sit, I am not so visible unless you're really looking. Still out in the open, but able to blog about these peeps in peace.
So....yesterday I am typing up some type of communication or maybe I was g-mailing...anywho, my Brooklyn eyes were on alert. Just had a feeling that I was being watched. Immediately I turn to look at MIT's office-because this was a familiar strange feeling, like most of the times I've caught him staring. Okay...sit down...and get ready for this...
He is in his closed office, with his headset on-probably on some conference call- standing at the long glass pane and STARING at me.
I turn away immediately feeling a mix of things: scared, turned on, skeeved out.
Turned on because MIT is really good looking. Like the hair cut has filled out a little. He is wearing better shirts-perhaps the ones he specially ordered from London because CFO suggested it (have I mentioned that I *heart* CFO...more on him later though)- and we've been having cool, less creepy conversations.
I realize now that he was making me feel safe. Breaking down my Brooklyn (cautious) barriers. Then when he CFO, Candy and The Dude (another person I will introduce later) go out for happy hour...and he offers to walk me to the train station because a lady shouldn't walk alone so late at night and then I turn up in his personal lab locked in a glass box weak because I am being cloned, I'll say to myself 'I KNEW IT!'.
So, I am back on guard...especially since next week he and I will be working together again! Wish me luck- and again if you don't hear from me tell Ice-T (have a feeling this will be a Special Victims Unit type of thang) to check all the labs in the tri-state area!

So, who is The Dude? The Dude AKA That Guy, is a typical dude. He tells dude jokes. He's laid back. We stalk each other desks around lunch time because we always have the good eats. We talk sports. He tries to normalize MIT a little, but I'm afraid only therapy and someone with a robot glove could control MIT.
The Dude strolls over to Candy's desk while CFO and I were up there discussing hair-more specifically the haircut he (CFO) got because he is on vacation next week (am sad) and Candy's bad weave upkeep. Yes, the conversation was as amazing as it seems. CFO and I don't know anything about weaves, but I gave Candy my stylist's number because he may have suggestions. I have deemed Candy worthy of seeing the deity that is my hair stylist. She and I are thick as office thieves.
Anywho, so The Dude strolls over and lets CFO know that he can't join in on the 'last day the intern's here lunch'. Here is the conversation verbatim because my mind won't let me forget shit like this.

The Dude: Since I can't go to lunch today, you should take me out for lunch next week.
CFO: I'm on vacation next week-besides is next week your last week here?
The Dude: No, but I want a free lunch.
CFO: You want me to take you to lunch?
The Dude: Pretty much. I'll wait till you get back.
CFO: You know what that means if I take you to lunch-
The Dude: I know. Sacrifices must be made for a nice free lunch...
CFO: Nice? I wouldn't exactly call it a sacrifice-just as long as you know what getting a lunch from me entails.
The Dude: I'm down. My wife will understand.

...and scene.

CFO and I had a mental conversation/understanding that I wouldn't mention the free lunch I had with him yesterday- that involved no ass play. This could also be because I am not a dude.

Candy and CFO have been trying to guess my age. They said when they look at me I seem younger, but when they speak to me they know I'm older...but not old-old because I've got sass. (Sass, class and a whole lotta assssssssssss) I don't know why my age was relevant, but MIT seemed to have an interest. Probably listening out because as women age our bones deteriorate.
MIT was also interested when Candy asked what kind of guys I liked- the ones that are breathing-OOOOOOOOOO! HA!
I think I mentioned nerdy types-but not socially awkward/inept- of course MIT was lingering about and smiled to himself when he heard nerdy, but then made direct eye contact with me when I said the socially awkward thing. Since I know he won't murder me, I am playing fast n' loose.
He put his head down and went back into his office. This whole scene gave Candy a case of the giggles.
...and I exited stage left.


  1. you are the best. for real. poor logan, i just read half of this out loud to him.

  2. hahahhaha I hope you did everyone's voices when it came to the dialogue part!
    THANKS MAMA!!!:)