Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Nothing. Not A Thing

When I say it has been a NOTHING day. It truly has been a NOTHING day. This could be because I am distracted...distracted by the fact that after tomorrow, my assignment here is OVER! Obviously, I didn't hate the place, but the Gemini in me embraces change. I knew there would be an expiration date, so there's no shock factor or sadness.- I mean I was shocked I was here as long as I was. Also shocked that I didn't hate ONE person in this small office.-Again not like I go out of my way to hate people, but I have a low tolerance.
So, I've been in my own lil world. Not really interacting with folks-though I had another great chat with my Bourgeois Black Mama. We talked about being native New Yorkers, farmers markets and GAP sales.
My other agency called me about an interview next week, and the job sounds cool. Laid back, great pay. We shall see. We shall see.
I then spent the rest of he morning thinking about lunch. Thinking about lunch and listening to Jeru the Damaja. I soon notice that MIT-no lie-starts using more urban slang in his conversations that he has around my desk. I openly chuckle and go back into my own world.
The Asians in the Corner needed my help with something, so I worked on a project and then it was LUNCH TIME.
I got my eyebrows threaded. My eyes teared up because I am naturally bitch-made, but have toughened myself up(over the years).

After lunch, I am back here trying not to fall asleep at my desk. Trying. Luckily, I am awake enough to hear CFO threaten/flirt with The Dude. The Dude was giving him crap-as always- and CFO says he is going to put Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' as his (cell/blackberry/iPhone) ringtone. We all chuckle and then I resume staring off into space.
Candy comes to chit chat about muffins...which makes me want one, so I go into the pantry and there are chocolate chip muffins! Mmmmmm! I grab one and watch as The Dude slices an apple yet looks longingly at my muffin. I smirk and go back to my desk hoping that chewing will keep me awake.
For the Fuck of It notices my quiet yet pensive demeanor and proceeds to talk about his grandchildren and show pics. This is enjoyable and keeping my head from hitting the desk. Since my time here is up, I say to him: you're a winner. He smiles at me awhile and says: I know.:)

One more day, folks. One more day.

Okay, this MAY have made my day. They say its all about the magic YOU can make yourself.
Sent this email to Candy-note that I needed to use the copier she was using:

Subject: Um....
its not so much that the machine is out of paper, more like something is up with the feeder. I opened it up to take a look, then realized I didn't care THAT much.

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