Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Relations

You know how I don't wanna know/don't care what this company does- mostly because I am sure it will piss me off and go against something I believe in, but I am not that self righteous and enjoy making money to spend......
Anwyho, Older Matt Damon enlists the help of MIT and The Dude to come up with a name for a company that wants to distribute antibiotics. I didn't want to know THAT much, but couldn't help but be intrigued by the process of coming up with a name. OMD came up with two by using Italian words for something medical..shortening them and adding an -ic, -ology, -couldpossiblyshrinkyourspleen.
OMD was very gung ho-I enjoy his enthusiasm. MIT definitely nerded out a lil and The Dude seemed pretty blase`, but chose one that sounded like an Italian restaurant he ate at once- I REALLY appreciated that reasoning. I could hear MIT staring at him and OMD chuckled heartily.
In the end, I don't know what they chose because I grew bored and needed to bond more with my office momma...

Also known as Bourgeois Black Mama...you know the one Candy thought I wouldn't like or that she wouldn't like me.
Again, I could see where Candy got that impression, but in the end my genuine likability and not trying too hard mentality makes it hard for anyone to resist. :)
BBM loves me.!
She even looks at me with admiration. She's even mentioned how I remind her of her children- see see!!! She is sweet and helpful. We joke around. She compliments me.
Its a sweet office mother-daughter relationship. Cannot wait till she gives me her grandmothers pearls to wear to my debut- though I am too old for a debut, she'll feel its the only way for me to meet a suitable companion. *sigh*

...Speaking of RELATIONSHIPS. Its come to my attention that I am IN ONE with...wait for it...MIT!!!!
It all started this morning as we began the day with a chat about making coffee. I don't know how to make it. He does and was sharing some tips. I told him he didn't have to because as long as there is a Dunkin' Donuts/Starbucks/SPoT Coffee (BUFFALO)- I won't NEED to make it.
As you can see, this was a NICE non-creepy convo. Even found his New England accent charming.
We spent most of the morning being sweet. Smiles and nods. All good.
Then something happened-okay...maybe this HOT. I mean HOT computer consultant type came in and made me stop mid sentence as I was talking to MIT.
Usually, when at work, I don't allow the fine sac to hypnotize me (no mo')....but this dude was spectacular. When he saw me he stopped what he was saying to say hello. I was flattered and MIT was miffed. He mentioned something about continuing our conversation when he got back from lunch...and I half listened as I watched the beautiful man some more...who for some reason was watching me too.
Perhaps I was drooling on my shirt...
The beautiful man comes and goes. He is sure to say goodbye to me and hoped that he'd see me soon. I hoped so too. So dreamy....-

Then MIT comes back and I notice the 'murder' is back in his eyes. Uh oh.
This morning it was lollipops n' chicken wings...and now it was scalpels and flesh incisions.
Being the good....uh...girlfriend...I guess....I try to smooth things over by asking him about something work related.
He snaps at me. I am like woah-literally I say woah and walk away.
A while later I am on my way to grab a bottle of water from the pantry and almost bump RIGHT into him- we both apologize- no smiles or nods though. Hmmm.
I know there is still...'love' there because he was pacing in his office-door open- with his headset on and suddenly he would stop and stand in a spot in the office where I couldn't see him...and peek around to look at me. The two times I caught him, he crossed his arms and resumed pacing.

That all spells out that I am in an office relationship, and in his socially awkward way he still cares. Awww.
What MIT must realize is that sure I'll look, but I'll NEVER touch! Office relationships are similar to REAL LIFE relations in that aspect...except in office relations, you can't touch each other either. Its the makings of a relationship...without any relating. Hmmm.

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